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48" x 117", acrylic on panel, 2018
Assistance with the production of this work by Maggie Hubbard.48" x 117", acrylic on panel, 2018
On the morning of April 10, 2018, after tending to my daughter Temma and while standing by her bed, the word “Radiator” came to mind. I liked the word in relation to my experience of Temma who–like a radiator–is relatively static in her presence and yet radiates a kind meaningfulness that belies that stasis. I took a series of photograph of Temma there as she lay in bed: starting the photographing at one end and moving parallel to the bed. Those images–all seeing from straight ahead–were then assembled to create an image that complicates and supersedes our experience of seeing from one place at one time (since one is seeing everything in the resulting image as if from eight different locations at the same time–all straight in front). I did this photographing process a number of times over the following weeks until the version that I ended up using for the painting came along. On that day at the end of that particular photographing session it occurred to me to take the braid (beautiful as it was!) out of Temma’s hair and that tumbling torrent of her hair said “now!”. So it began. The other paintings in the Radiator project were based on photoworks I had taken previously, each of which suggested (at least to me) some way in which Temma has a kind of (perhaps mystical) agency. The titles are intended to suggest that agency with a single word beginning with R–the latter “limitation” perhaps mirroring the apparently obvious limitation of this profoundly disabled thirty-three year old woman.